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HydroHeat Underfloor Heating was established in 2017, utilising the knowledge and technical ability gathered through our time working within the industry. HydroHeat offers a wealth of experience with over 23 years combined expertise in underfloor heating. Our plan is to offer 5-star service to our clients, be it domestic or commercial, and provide high-quality products and technical advice. We supply full underfloor heating systems which are accompanied by indemnified bespoke technical designs and can also provide singular products where needed. All our products are sourced within the UK & EU, with market-leading warranties. We aim to have all quotations back within 24 hours and offer next day delivery on all stocked items, we also offer more specialist products to suit the needs of your property, if what your looking for isn't on our website please contact our technical team who will be happy to help source what you need. 

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating systems are becoming the most popular form of heating for both domestic and commercial buildings within the UK. Here are some of the benefits of having a low-temperature heating system

  • Underfloor heating provides extra space and clean decorative finishes when compared to radiators, and there is no need to worry about sharp edges or the hot surfaces of radiators. 

  • Underfloor heating helps to provide cleaner air by reducing the circulation of dust and bacteria caused by convection currents.

  • Underfloor heating provides increased efficiency when compared to traditional radiators because it runs at much lower temperatures than other heating systems due to the increased surface of the heat output area, this works well in combination with efficient condensing boilers, heat pumps and other energy efficient heat sources.

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We're not just a supplier of products, we're a provider of solutions.


Trade discount

Discounts available to each and every trades person. Give us a call to discuss discount and where we can help you as a business. 

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24 hour DESIGN & quotations

Here at HydroHeat we are able to return quotations or designs within 24 hours. Which can help win those last minute jobs.





Need help? Be it over the phone or on site we're happy to ensure you have the knowledge and confidence to complete jobs to the highest standards

Why Underfloor heating?


Radiators provide a single heat spot within the room, the heat energy transfers by process of convection. Due to the temperature difference, the hot air tends to rise, whereas the colder air tends to sink. This creates a current within the room, causing increased air movement aiding the spread of dust and bacteria.

Underfloor heating creates a comfortable, evenly distributed heat and a clean environment within the living space. The plastic pipe which is embedded within the floor, spread across the entire available space, transfers the heat from the water into the embedded surface. The heat is then dissipated into the living area, evenly across the entire room. Underfloor heating uses a low-temperature hot water when compared to radiators. All these factors combined creates the ideal comfort conditions whilst saving you money and energy.