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Hydro Lo-Board

HydroHeat Lo-Board utilises an 18mm high-density gypsum fibre board which acts as a heat conducting surface, transferring the heat from the pipes to the finished floor above. With its low build up height of just 18mm, lo-board is ideal for most underfloor heating scenarios and is suitable for all floor coverings.


Project Suitability

  • All house types new or existing

  • Suitable for tiles and wood floor covering directly

  • Where build up height needs to be kept minimal (18mm) 

  • Suitable on all flat level structural surfaces

Features & Benefits

  • Provides ready-made pipe spacings

  • Suitable in new and retrofit installations

  • Low build up of 18mm

  • Outputs of over 100W/m²

  • 800mm x 600mm x 18mm (LxWxH)

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