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Hydro-Lo Screed

Hydro-Lo Screed brings the low build-up benefits of Hydro-Lo Foil along with the high heat outputs and ease of installation HydroHeat Clip Plate offers. This system uses a Hydro-Lo 10+ Clip Plate to accommodate 10 or 12mm pipe before your layer of self-levelling compound is added. The self-levelling compound relies on thermal conductivity to evenly distribute the heat to the floor finish.

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Features & Benefits

  • (W X L X D) 1050mm X 650mm X 16mm

  • Suitable for 10-12mm pipework

  • Keeps pipe secured

  • Minimal floor build-up

  • Ideal for retrofit installs

  • Fast response time

Project Suitability

  • Suitable for any floor covering

  • Ideal for retrofit or New build properties

  • Minimal floor build-up (22mm)

  • Usable on any structural floor

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