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HydroHeat Fit From Below

HydroHeat Fit From Below systems utilises heat emission plates laid between the joists to the underside of your structural floor. These are pre-grooved to accommodate the underfloor heating pipework and specially designed to enable a straightforward install. We recommend packing the void with a soft insulation to prevent downwards heat loss and optimize the total heat output.

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Features & Benefits

  • Heat Plate – (WxL)– 100mm x 1000mm

  • No need to pull your existing chipboard floor up.

  • Ideal if the below floor ceiling hasn’t been installed.

  • Due to the lack of screed, drywall construction system using Aluminium spreader plates is significantly lighter than wet construction systems.

  • Heat Plate characteristics and structure evenly distribute heat over the entire surface while acting as a pipe bracket

  • No increase in floor build-up

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Project Suitability

  • When the floor levels cannot be increased

  • Ideal for retrofit  or new builds properties

  • If the joists are only accessible from the floor below

  • Obscure or irregular joist centres 

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