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HydroHeat Plate - Suspended

HydroHeat Plates are laid between the joists which are pre-formed to accommodate the underfloor heating pipework. Typically, these will lay into a pre-grooved insulation board supported by battens between the joists ensuring maximum contact with the floor finish and optimizing the total heat output.

Features & Benefits

  • Insulation (WxLxD) – 350mm x 1200mm x 30mm

  • Aluminium Heat Plate – (WxL)– 390mm x 1000mm

  • Due to the lack of screed, HydroHeat Plates are significantly lighter than wet construction systems.

  • No need to use screed which enables lower profile of floor heating

  • HydroHeat Plates characteristics and structure evenly distribute heat over the entire surface while acting as a pipe bracket

Project Suitability

  • New builds and extensions

  • Good for large regular shaped rooms

  • Over solid concrete or block and beam subfloors

  • Where height build up is not an issue

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