A new Underfloor heating business is helping to keep you warm this winter

HydroHeat Underfloor Heating Ltd. has finally opened up and turned up the heat for customers this winter, located on the new Freckleton Enterprise Park, Bush Lane.

The business has been started by Lee Napier, Managing Director and Tom Kavanagh, Sales Director, who are hoping their knowledge and characteristics can help the business go from strength to strength. Mr Napier said: “We're aiming to bring high quality products, all sourced from British and European manufacturers to our customers. We want to establish ourselves and bring more jobs to the Northwest.” Check out what jobs we have here. We will be holding underfloor heating training days once a month at our offices in Freckleton to inform and educate plumbers, gas engineers, builders and any other trade that may wish to further educate themselves on products that are becoming more frequently used within the industry. If your interested in training or just some general guidance please call the team on 01772 632 958

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