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Staple System

The staple system is an easy to install, cost-effective system. The pipework is fixed to the insulation using barbed staples allowing a large degree of manoeuvrability enabling more flexibility when working with irregularly shaped areas. Screed systems boost heat outputs of over 100W/m² making them the ideal partner for areas where height isn’t an issue.

HydroHeat Screed Staple System

Features & Benefits

  • Made from high strength polypropylene

  • Suitable for 15-20mm pipework

  • 50mm boxes include 250 staples

  • Can be used with traditional and liquid screeds

  • Cost Effective

  • Quick & simple installation

  • Outputs of over 100w/m2

HydroHeat Screed Staple System

Project Suitability

  • New builds and extensions

  • Good for large regular shaped rooms

  • Over solid concrete or block and beam subfloors

  • Where height build up is not an issue

Meander/Serpentine Pipe Layout
Bi-Flow Meander Pipe Layout
Snail Pipe Layout
HydroHeat Screed Staple System Cut Through
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